Retirement Plan & Income Solutions Provider Of The Year: American Trust Retirement, Integrated Partners And Sound Income Group

The WSR Wealth Exemplar Awards Retirement Plan & Income Solutions Provider of the Year goes to the top three firms that advise on retirement plans under ERISA, support firms and professionals who support ERISA retirement plans and/or specialize in income solutions and strategies that financial advisors can align with their end clients.

American Trust Retirement

Memphis, Tennessee-based American Trust Retirement is a division of AmericanTCS that provides an open architecture recordkeeping platform for small-to-midsize retirement plans. The company helps curate solutions for advisors, plan sponsors, third-party administrators (TPAs) and plan participants. American Trust Retirement offer solutions to the providers that in turn offer retirement plans. The company supports plan types that include 401(k), 403(b), 457(b), 457(f), ESOPs, Solo(k), defined benefit pensions, cash balance plans and pooled employer plans.

It provides plan administration including bundled, unbundled or trustee only plan options; fiduciary services as a 3(38) Investment Manager under ERISA; fulfillment services to improve the efficiency of plan administration for sponsors; and payroll integration to help sponsors minimize manual processes. In August, AmericanTCS – which has over $120 billion in assets custodied and $17 billion in recordkeeping assets – announced that American Trust Retirement and American Trust Custody partnered with Allianz Life to add its guaranteed lifetime income annuity to defined contribution retirement plans on the American Trust Platform.

Integrated Partners

Waltham, Massachusetts-based Integrated Partners has over $16 billion in assets under advisement, more than 200 advisors and 170 CPAs across 116 regional offices nationwide. The company provides a customizable open architecture business environment spanning technology, investment management, advanced planning, a CPA partner program, custody, marketing, public relations, M&A, succession planning and comprehensive business counsel.

Its Integrated 401(k) solution serves the clients of the firm’s advisors. Integrated advises the end clients, through their network of financial advisors, on every aspect of designing, implementing and maintaining employer sponsored retirement plans. Integrated Pension Services acts as advisor, TPA or both for these plans and handles all aspects of a company’s retirement plan, from plan design of DB, 401(k), employee enrollment, investment management and more, and ongoing administration for more than 400 corporations.

Sound Income Group

Fort Lauderdale, Florida-based Sound Income Group, which had $2.68 billion in assets under management in 2023, is a holding company for the following subsidiaries. Sound Income Strategies is a fee-based RIA providing support and solutions to independent income specialists and third-party asset manager services to advisors and wealth management firms. Advisors’ Academy is an insurance FMO providing mentorship, coaching and growth strategies to independent annuity producers. And the Retirement Income Source offers a nationwide franchise model to financial advisors providing retirement planning services.

The Retirement Income Source offers franchisees business support in operations, sales, marketing, accounting, portfolio management, practice management programs, and access to in-house coaches and subject matter experts. Its national network of income specialists helps clients establish steady streams of income. In December, Sound Income Strategies announced that its Sound Enhanced Fixed Income ETF (FXED) maintained its top 1% ranking among 140 similar funds based on total returns as of Nov. 30, according to Morningstar.

American Trust Retirement, Integrated Partners And Sound Income Group Win For Retirement Plan & Income Solutions Provider Of The Year
By Julius Buchanan
January 29, 2024